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Coaching families through the challenges of living with cognitive differences

Have you, or has someone you love, been diagnosed and you’re not sure which way to turn?

Do you believe your child has a cognitive difference, but no one’s listening?

We understand. We’ve been there.

We’re here to help guide you through the process of understanding and finding the best solutions for your unique situation, so that you and your loved ones can live their best lives.

We also work in the area of cognitive difference

We’re the calming influence you need to help you understand your unique intelligence, navigate the myriad of solutions, and set you on the right path of being able to function, learn, grow and thrive.

  • Assistance with getting a diagnosis (if required)
  • Understanding neuro atypical learning
  • Risk profiling
  • Determining your unique ‘soother’
  • Coaching for the whole family
  • Finding the RIGHT learning environment for your child
  • Connecting you to specialists
  • Coaching (13+) to master your differences
  • Free resources and online tools


So you have just found out that you or someone you love might have a cognitive difference, in that they might be a non nuero typical learner or have ADD, ADHD, Asphergers, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, ODD, OCD and that this is not an exact science. You will have hit the prejudices and misconceptions and then start discovering that the experts don't agree. But you have learned that these things usually come in patterns or groupings and place the individual on a spectrum. Along with this diagnosis comes a whole miasma of adjustment, for the person, the family, the whanua, the carers, the siblings and the wider community, including teachers, health care professionals and most community groups. We have compiled relevant research and are committed to ongoing research in an endevour to gain insight for all those impacted. We want to demystify the process of what works and what is not helpful. We have been impacted by cognitive difference (link to story here) and want to share what we learned. We would love your insights too and you can contribute here (link to your story blog).

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Our relationship with risk gives us insight into how we focus, risk taking in and of itself is usually our brains response to the need to focus. learning our risk profile and how to take healthy risks is critical to optimum living. We are running research on risk types and if you are interested in participating please register on our risk registration link. You will be invited to participate in a survey and then have access to resources to help you on your journey with healthy risk.


We are experiencing an overload of insight about anxiety, its a hot topic at the moment and yet anyone with a cognitive difference will know there is nothing like the anxiety of the sense of not fitting in or belonging. In fact we would go so far to say in research on suicide prevention the sense of not belonging is the number one cause of suicide today. Anyone who has a cognitive difference knows what this feels like and has to actively build courage in the face of momentous anxiety. Those who care for anyone with a cognitive difference know what we are talking about. Please access our research here on tools and support to manage anxiety.

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Our Story

In April 2001 it had become clear that my son who was 8 at the time was struggling to learn, he was a bright but day dreamy child who was naturally comedic and chilled. He had been reading the newspaper at 3, so I was shocked to find that at 8 he was falling through the cracks in our overloaded education system. He was in a high decile normal school but failing to learn. Back then there was no funding for assessments or resources to help. I happened to be studying a M.Ed at Auckland University in the Education Faculty (over the corridor from Special Ed) and had access to extra resources and support. Despite this we navigated a mine field of dead ends, miss diagnosis and a lack of understanding. By 2002 we had found a home school with two Montessori trained teachers who started our son back on the pathway to learning and we then staggered through the next 16 years. Each step was painful and thwart with risk, I vowed that when we had some answers I would share our story and insights (only with my sons blessing) in the hope that we can help others. Since then I have had the chance to work with Youth Offenders, with Recovered P Addicts/Dealers, gang members, with many young people and C suite executives who all experience cognitive difference.

We are still uncovering insights and tools that can assist and its our mission to continue to do so.


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